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AOKI USA Inc. - Interpretation & Translation

We provided Japanese interpretation for the UCSF "Crisis in Japan" video. <DETAILS


Interpretation /
Court Interpretation Service

Aoki USA, Inc. retains experienced interpreters/translators in medical, business, legal and other fields. If you ever felt like you are having a hard time getting your point across, try us.
Aoki USA, Inc. will help you communicate at a reasonable rate.

  We offer English, Japanese and Chinese translation in various fields. We have experienced and professional translators covering technical, IT and medical disciplines, as well as other areas.
Event Coordination /
Corporate visits
  We can arrange and coordinate corporate or training visits for medical or healthcare professionals, as well as business visits and meetings for corporations. We can help you plan and schedule your visits, provide interpretation services, and translate relevant documents. <Details>
  Why Us   About AOKI USA, Inc.  
Our goal is to provide flexible and versatile language services to meet your needs, whether you are an individual or a corporation. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been providing personalized service since 1996.

Personal Attention
Flexible Service
Local Presence
We offer the following services to businesses and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area:

- Japanese / English interpretation
- Japanese / English / Chinese translation
- Event Coordination

Major clients

AOKI USA, Inc., San Francisco, CA
PHONE: 415-731-8100
EMAIL: aoki@aoki-usa.com