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  Dr. Sasaki, a diabetes expert fromSapporo, on his visit to SF

This is a service for Japanese medical professionals wishing to visit U.S. hospitals and other medical facilities.

San Francisco, despite being a city of 800,000, is confined to a relatively small area. But it hosts four major hospitals, and countless support facilities.

It would be a major task to sort these various facilities or departments, and contact them one by one to obtain information or make reservations for visits.

Using our knowledge and experience of San Francisco Bay Area hospitals, we can help you plan all of this. Let us know the purpose of your visit, the relevant fields, and other pertinent information, and we can design and customize your visit, so you can get the most out of your stay here.


We can also help Japanese companies plan their business meetings and training visits to the U.S.
From the planning stage to actual meetings, we can provide support to help you overcome obstacles in language, time-zone differences, and cultural differences.

For additional info, please contact us at aoki@aoki-usa.com